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Advocating for the role of the region’s gas infrastructure in safely delivering a clean, dependable, and affordable energy future.



NWGA members serve the people and businesses of the Pacific Northwest with the energy they need to thrive.


NWGA is the regional voice of the PNW gas industry. It articulates a vision that persuasively makes the case for the important long-term role of the gas delivery system in supporting the public policy objective of deep reductions in societal GHG emissions.


NWGA is an assertive advocate. It is the “tip of the spear” in tackling public policy issues. NWGA always acts respectfully in its interactions, even where there are disagreements.


NWGA is a trustworthy partner. It develops strong relationships and speaks to the heart, giving it credibility when it shares the facts.
NWGA is focused. It prioritizes the utilization and optimization of the existing safe, dependable gas delivery infrastructure in the Pacific Northwest.


NWGA is a responsible steward. It identifies, recruits, leverages and amplifies the resources available within and external to the industry value chain.




We value strong relationships. Facilitating networking and creating constructive coalitions are core to what we do. We put our relationships to work on behalf of the industry.


We are judicious with and leverage the time, talent and resources entrusted to us by our members, in order to deliver maximum value for their sustained support of the NWGA. We leverage the work of other organizations.


We are trustworthy and a credible source of information. We take responsible balanced positions and are open and willing to acknowledge alternative viewpoints.


We are timely and responsive to our members and stakeholders in an evolving context. We are proactive, while staying within the framework directed by our members.

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Dan Kirschner

Executive Director

Dan Kirschner has been the Executive Director of the Northwest Gas Association (NWGA) since 2002. An expert on natural gas matters in the Pacific Northwest, he works to foster understanding among opinion leaders, and informed decision-making by governing officials on issues related to the region’s natural gas delivery system.


Kirschner is a Northwest native. He adds an MBA to his policy and public affairs experience giving him an informed perspective on the intersection of public policy and business imperatives. Dan and his wife Kelly are approaching forty years together. They enjoy spending time with their kids and grandchildren, traveling together, and their home.

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Judy Adair

Business and Operations, Manager

As the Business and Operations Manager, Judy is an integral part of the NWGA team. She helps achieve association goals, objectives, and board-approved initiatives both short and long-range while ensuring the effective and efficient use of resources.

Judy added to her 30-plus years of experience with earning her bachelor’s of business administration in the summer of 2021.


Adair enjoys spending time with her family, including four dogs. Judy and her husband Geff enjoy the outdoors, spend time fishing, camping, and traveling. Judy enjoys many creative hobbies, such as quilting and watercolor painting.

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Natasha Jackson

Policy and Partnerships Manager

Natasha is the Policy and Partnerships Manager at the Northwest Gas Association and works closely with the Executive Director to advance the association's advocacy and coalition-building efforts. With expertise in legislative affairs, digital media strategy, and political campaigns, she brings a wealth of experience and insight to her role.


Natasha's journey into the political arena began in 2019 at the Oregon State Legislature, where her rapid progression paved the way for her transition to a pivotal role in a Virginia-based political digital media strategy firm. Since joining the Northwest Gas Association in 2021, Natasha has been instrumental in shaping the association's strategic endeavors.


Her foundation in political science from Portland State University, specializing in international development and global studies, underpins Natasha's comprehensive understanding of policy landscapes. Beyond her professional endeavors, Natasha finds joy in the Pacific Northwest's outdoor offerings. A former collegiate athlete, she embraces the camaraderie of adult league soccer, the thrill of skiing, and the exploration of nature.


Maisy and Wilson Adair

Office Security and Greeting Committee

Maisy takes her job as office security very seriously and will defend against being picked up by the cable man ever again. She takes her time performing background checks before she is sure a human is worthy to be granted full access to the office. Wilson started honing his greeting skills early in his life and has become a well-rounded greeter for NWGA.



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