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Distributed Carbon Capture
Distributed Carbon Capture

Thu, Apr 20



Distributed Carbon Capture

Join NWGA for this webinar to hear Doug Staker, SVP of Customer Operations for CarbonQuest, explain their technology and business approach in New York City.

Time & Location

Apr 20, 2023, 12:00 PM – 1:00 PM PDT


About the event

Decarbonization is becoming a focal point for many utilities and their customers. Corporations are committed to demonstrating how they reduce their carbon footprint and need the flexibility to meet their decarbonization goals. In many global cities, local governments are implementing carbon reduction programs that limit carbon emissions from more significant emitters. Distributed Carbon Capture is a technology deployed in New York City to help building owners reduce their emissions and move toward compliance with impending carbon regulations. Carbon capture is part of a solution that can address the traditionally hard-to-abate (cement and steel) and the rest of the industry, building, and district heating systems.

Governments and localities must stay flexible and remember that zero emissions are the goal, not a specific pathway. CarbonQuest has developed a Distributed Carbon Capture solution that is being deployed today to help businesses achieve these goals and reduce carbon emissions. Join NWGA for this webinar to hear Doug Staker, SVP of Customer Operations for CarbonQuest, explain their technology and business approach in New York City. 


Doug Staker is an energy professional that has worked globally for 35 years. He has been a pioneer in the world of smart grid technologies, focusing on smart metering and intelligent energy storage.  He is currently Senior Vice President of Customer Operations at CarbonQuest and is focused on technology that can increase decarbonization now. Before joining CarbonQuest, Stake was Vice President of Utility Business Development for Enel X, a global power company. Enel X acquired Demand Energy, in 2017, where Stake was a co-founder and a specialist in distributed energy storage systems. Before Demand Energy, Stake was a Vice President in various roles at Itron, a global leader in smart metering. He is applying his experience in developing new markets for emerging technologies that can have an impact today. He is a third-generation power engineer who grew up in the energy industry. He is an active industry participant, and his ability to explain complex technology in understandable terms has resulted in groups requesting his contribution to frequent speaking events and industry panels.


Ken Goodwin, Applied Control

Mark Filteau, Apex Utilities

Rachel Anderson, Avista Corp.

Brock Benzel, Avista Corp.

Alicia Gibbs Avista Corp.

Tom Pardee, Avista Corp.

John Rothlin, Avista Corp.

Jeff Webb, Avista Corp.

Jose Chacon, Campose

Kent Crouse, Cascade Natural Gas 

Jenny DeBoer, Cascade Natural Gas

Ty Jennings, Cascade Natural Gas

Abbie Krebsbach, Cascade Natural Gas

Michael Parvinen, Cascade Natural Gas

Brian Robertson, Cascade Natural Gas

Darin Yusi, City of Ellensburg

Mike Hopkins, FortisBC

Christine Reid, IBEW 77

Gabriel Forrester, MDU

Rusty Williams, Norpac

Nga Bliven, NW Natural

Todd Brunelle, NW Natural

Tom Carl, NW Natural 

Greg Downing, NW Natural

Clif Hazen, NW Natural

Tony Hoang, NW Natural

Don Kewley, NW Natural

Ian Maarefi, NW Natural

Michael Mott, NW Natural

Joe Paul, NW Natural

Celina Russell, NW Natural

Eric Sherman, NW Natural

Stephen Harper, Shell

Robert Wegneg, Stars H2

Cynthia Loke, TC Energy

Sophie Lussier, TC Energy

Tayla Snapp, TC Energy

Matthew Vollenweider, TC Energy

Joe Cooney, United Energy Trading LLC

Eric Christenson, Western Energy Institute

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