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The Northwest Gas Association Announces the Start of Session in Olympia & Salem


Media Contact

Dan Kirschner, Executive Director

Northwest Gas Association

(WEST LINN, Ore.) Feb. 3, 2023 – As the Oregon and Washington Legislatures begin their 2023 sessions in earnest, the Northwest Gas Association (NWGA) is working with legislative leaders to craft new clean energy legislation that uses the natural gas infrastructure to deliver safe, dependable and affordable energy Pacific Northwest families and businesses.

“The NWGA is working with legislators in Olympia and Salem to ensure state energy policy maximizes the use of existing energy infrastructure represented by the natural gas transmission and distribution systems in the region,” said Dan Kirschner, Executive Director of the NWGA. “The natural gas system represents billions of dollars in efficient, dependable, and well-maintained infrastructure that is critical to the region’s employers and provides vital warmth to millions of residents. This system is also an essential part of any effort to decarbonize our future energy landscape.”

In Oregon, NWGA represents the three natural gas utilities and two transmission pipelines that provide warmth and comfort to over 2 million Oregon residents (772,000 households), and productive energy for more than 85,000 Oregon businesses and industries utilizing 30,000 miles of pipeline. NWGA members use 45,000 miles of safe, reliable energy delivery infrastructure to serve 3.5 million residential consumers in Washington State, in addition to more than 100,000 commercial businesses and almost 3,500 industrial facilities that employ hundreds of thousands of Washingtonians. NWGA members support and are actively engaged in reducing regional greenhouse gas emissions.

“The NWGA looks forward to working collaboratively with the Legislature and the Governor’s office as this process unfolds,” continued Kirschner. “Again, the natural gas infrastructure will continue to play an essential role in Oregon’s clean energy future. Our industry has been pro-actively adopting and will continue to employ practices and technologies that reduce the emissions impact of the gas sector. Our work in this regard complements the state’s overall climate policy goals.”


The Northwest Gas Association is a bi-national trade organization of the Pacific Northwest natural gas industry. NWGA advocates for the role of the region’s gas infrastructure in safely delivering a clean, dependable, and affordable energy future. NWGA members include six natural gas utilities and three transmission pipelines that transport natural gas from production areas in Alberta, British Columbia, and the U.S. Rockies into and through the Pacific Northwest. Together, NWGA members serve warmth and comfort to 10 million residents in communities throughout British Columbia, Idaho, Oregon, and Washington and productive energy to almost 350,000 businesses, institutions, and industries in the region. For more information, go to or find NWGA on LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube.


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