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Net-Zero Infrastructure Project
Net-Zero Infrastructure Project

Thu, Mar 21



Net-Zero Infrastructure Project

Erin Blanton, Vice President, Zero Emissions Systems, GTI Energy, will present the Net Zero Infrastructure Program (NZIP).

Time & Location

Mar 21, 2024, 12:00 PM – 1:15 PM PDT


About the event

As the world looks to rapidly reduce greenhouse gas emissions, leveraging and upgrading existing gas infrastructure is key to transitioning to a decarbonized, safer, and more resilient energy system.

The Net Zero Infrastructure Program (NZIP) is a GTI Energy-led research collaboration focused on accelerating the transition to net-zero emissions by understanding how today's natural gas infrastructure can evolve to advance the development of integrated energy systems. NZIP will provide decision-makers in government, companies, and communities with better data, actionable insights, realistic cost estimates, and opportunities for increased collaboration to holistically understand how natural gas infrastructure works in today’s energy systems and how it can support tomorrow’s energy systems.

NZIP Vision: The energy systems in a net-zero emissions world must be sustainablereliable, resilient, equitable, and affordable. NZIP's research goals aim to understand how repurposed infrastructure, with reduced carbon-intensity fuels, can accelerate a true transition for all communities to a net-zero emissions economy.

NZIP will analyze and map the most practical opportunities for low-carbon integration, such as hydrogen, renewable natural gas, and carbon transportation and storage, in today's infrastructure. NZIP will provide valuable, real-world insights on reducing greenhouse gas emissions across the current infrastructure and identify high-emitting regional sources and valuable assets prone to extreme weather vulnerabilities. This program will also enlighten decision-makers on the investment and innovation needs required to maximize the value of existing energy systems and scale future low-carbon technologies.

Today’s existing operating equipment, pipelines, and transmission lines will accelerate the use of low-carbon fuels, support an interdependent and diverse energy system, and scale new decarbonization technologies. Utilizing this energy infrastructure will be key to an efficient, affordable, equitable, and accelerated transition. As new energy innovations and electrification strategies are adopted worldwide, today’s natural gas infrastructure will continue to play a pivotal role in the future of energy delivery and decarbonization. For more information, click here.

Who's Attending

Ken Goodwin, Applied Contol

Jeff Webb, Avista

Ted McCammant, Cascade Natural Gas

Tom Sieh, Boeing

Kurt Lyou, Convergint Technologies

Clinton Keller, Hanwha Cimarron

Mike Alldritt, Ironworkers Local 29

Kindra Abbott, Kelvin, Inc.

Ian Casey, NW Natural

Kevin Duell, NW Natural

Gail Hammer, NW Natural

Gary Heikkinen, NW Natural

Don Kewleyy, NW Natural

Dave Santen, NW Natural

Amy Schulties, NW Natural

Shane Richards, Puget Sound Energy

James Heltzel, Retired Professional

Robert Wegneg, STARS Technology Corp.

Cynthia Loke, TC Energy

Sophie, Lussier, TC Energy

Seth Worley, UA Plumbers and Steamfitters Local 598

Anna Dai, Varea

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