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The PNW Gas Landscape – Looking Forward

This whitepaper was put together by the Power & Natural Gas Planning Taskforce – now known as Gas Power Convergence Group.

The Northwest depends on natural gas for producing electricity, heating homes and businesses, and powering industrial processes.  Unlike some fuels, gas is difficult to store on-site.  Both electric and natural gas utilities rely on the gas infrastructure system, a combination of pipelines and central storage facilities, to deliver gas the moment it is needed.

Potential new gas user comparison by consumption

The size of the infrastructure system and the type of arrangements utilities need to ensure a reliable gas supply, are dependent on regional supply and demand trends.  This report discusses these trends, what new infrastructure options may be available, potential new gas users in the Northwest, and how these factors impact utility gas supply planning.

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Gas Supply Serving Pacific NW

This white paper explores where our natural gas supply comes from, how technology has boosted our domestic supply and how the industry is managing challenges posed by new drilling techniques. It also discusses strategies to optimize production and the use of this valuable resource.

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