NWGA Gets a Mention in The Economist

In case you missed it, NWGA Executive Director, Dan Kirschner, was mentioned in “The Economist” last week, discussing hydraulic fracturing and the Western U.S.

So pull that February 16 issue off your bedside table and give it a read. If you aren’t a subscriber you can read the full article by clicking here.

The continued move toward more efficient production of natural gas from shale has been a big topic at recent NWGA presentations. Water can cost anywhere from $.15 to $15 a barrel to use in the production process so continued reductions in freshwater usage, either through recycling used water for reuse, utilizing waste or brackish water, or even waterless fracturing makes a lot of sense for producers.

Here’s the portion of the article that mentions Dan:

Meanwhile, the technology that kick-started the revolution marches on. Some speak excitedly of fracking that uses saline rather than fresh water, or no water at all. The industry has moved so quickly in recent years, says Dan Kirschner of the Northwest Gas Association, a trade body, that it is starting to seem odd to call shale resources “unconventional”.

“What’s Up With Gas?” NWGA in the News

Last week NWGA Executive Director, Dan Kirschner, was the keynote speaker for a series of three community talks hosted by NWGA member, Intermountain Gas. Dan gave attendees some insight into the changing nature of the gas industry, the scale of the shale gas revolution and an overview of emerging markets such as natural gas for transportation.

If you like what you see let us know, Dan rarely turns down a speaking opportunity, he’s also available for children’s birthday parties (if your kids enjoy natural gas facts).

Here’s coverage of Dan’s presentation from Twin Falls, Idaho station, KMVT:


Northwest Gas & Power Groups Commend Planned FERC Workshops but Stress Regional Differences

PORTLAND, OR – The Northwest Gas Association (NWGA) and the Pacific Northwest Utilities Conference Committee (PNUCC) compliment the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) for its decision to hold regional workshops on coordination as reliance on natural gas for power generation increases across the country.

In joint comments on FERC Docket AD12-12 submitted by the NWGA, PNUCC and the Bonneville Power Administration (BPA), the organizations called for FERC to consider regional differences in energy infrastructure and resource mix as it contemplates its role in facilitating greater coordination.

“The Northwest power system and its mix of resources are unique from other regions of the country,” said Dick Adams, Executive Director of PNUCC.  “That’s why we said any federal policies promulgated in this matter should accommodate regional differences.  We are pleased FERC will look at these issues in that regional context,” Adams continued.

For instance, the Pacific Northwest relies more on hydropower than any other region of the country and is near the top in wind power production.  This can create challenges for the natural gas system as the region leans more on natural gas to produce power in low water years and when the wind isn’t blowing.

Dan Kirschner, Executive Director of the NWGA said, “There is plenty of gas available to fuel additional generation in the region, and the pipeline systems by which it is transported here from production areas are highly reliable.

Kirschner noted that the region is already carefully planning to ensure continued reliability.  “Our goal is the safe and reliable delivery of natural gas where it is needed, when it is needed,” said Kirschner.  “We’ve been actively working on planning and operational coordination with our electric counterparts in the region for more than a year now.”

NWGA and PNUCC members, along with other stakeholders are developing communication and operational protocols should disruptions occur in the existing system.  PNUCC and the NWGA are also collaborating on a new initiative called the Power & Natural Gas Planning Task Force to ensure that the Northwest is planning effectively to maintain its record of reliability.

2012 Gas Outlook

Released annually, the Gas Outlook is a detailed ten-year look at expected natural gas demand, supply availability and prices in the Northwest. The Outlook offers unique insight, representing a consensus view of the regional natural gas market developed by industry participants directly serving Washington, Oregon, Idaho and British Columbia.

“We have seen unprecedented change in the natural gas industry over the past few years,
” said Frank Morehouse, NWGA Board President. “The Gas Outlook helps industry observers gain insight on what those changes mean for our region,” he added.

Breakthroughs in drilling technology have unlocked vast reserves of shale gas, replacing past concerns over declining production with plentiful supply. Regional demand for natural gas is expected to grow annually by an average of 0.9 percent per year, leading to a cumulative growth of 8.1 percent by 2021. The role of natural gas as a fuel to generate electricity is a key question discussed in the 2012 Gas Outlook.

Read Entire 2012 Gas Outlook Here