Spectra’s Doug Bloom Talks Natgas in the Vancouver Sun

Stories about the potential economic benefits of natural gas sourced from within North America have become increasingly common in the past year.  Last week the Vancouver Sun got in on the act with a story highlighting the perspectives of a couple of key leaders from NWGA member companies, Doug Bloom from Spectra Energy and John Walker of FortisBC.

We’ll cover the FortisBC section of the article in our next blog post; today I want to highlight some of the great insights provided by Doug Bloom, President Western Pipelines, for NWGA Member Company Spectra Energy.

In a talk given to the Vancouver board of trade Mr. Bloom hit on the growth in British Columbia natural gas supply, a development that has led to more greater supply diversity not only in Western Canada but throughout the Pacific Northwest, saying B.C. has truly huge natural gas resources. We’ve got over 100 years of supply at current production rate.”

Bloom continued by highlighting some key environmental benefits provided by switching to natural gas:

“By shifting 25 per cent of current energy use from coal to natural gas, Canada and the U.S. could meet their national emissions (reduction) targets. 

“Gas in transportation is also an important opportunity. A company called PIRA, Petroleum Industry Research Associates, a prominent consultant, said that gas demand in large trucks and fleet applications in the United States could reach 14 (billion cubic feet) a day by 2030. 

“That could reduce diesel demand by up to two million barrels per day or more through a mix of LNG and compressed natural gas applications.”

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