Natural Gas Facts

Natural gas is a safe, dependable, and responsible energy choice – and a cornerstone of the Pacific Northwest’s energy, environmental and economic future. Natural gas heats our homes, powers businesses, fuels small and large vehicles, and marine vessels, and serves as a key component in many of our most vital industrial processes. 

This booklet provides an overview of natural gas and the myriad of benefits that this domestic, clean, safe, low-cost, reliable, and abundant energy source offers Pacific Northwest (PNW) consumers. Already, 3.2 million regional natural gas users are enjoying its economic and environmental advantages, but expanding the use and applications of natural gas will help provide an economically feasible, cleaner environment for future generations. 

The Northwest Gas Association (NWGA) works to foster greater understanding and informed decision-making on issues related to natural gas among industry participants, opinion leaders, and governing officials in the Pacific Northwest, encompassing British Columbia (BC), Washington, Oregon, and Idaho.

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