NWGA created Fact Sheets which take a closer look at natural gas related topics and provides a closer look and more information.

Natural Gas Facts – Booklet

This booklet provides an overview of natural gas and the myriad of benefits that this domestic, clean, safe, low-cost and reliable energy source offers the Pacific Northwest consumers. 3.2 million regional natural gas users are enjoying its economic and environmental advantages, but expanding the use and applications of natural gas will help provide an economically feasible, cleaner environment for future generations. To learn more, click here.

Natural Gas Vehicles’ Emissions Data and Comparisons Fact Sheet

When targeting emission reductions in this sector, it is important to fully understand the differences between alternative fuel technologies – including their availability, emissions reduction capabilities, and cost – and how those technologies can help the state reach its goals. To learn how NGVs are well positioned to cost-effectively reduce emissions, click here.

NWGA Member State and Provincial Fact Sheets

Natural gas is a foundation fuel for the Pacific Northwest’s economic and environmental future. Heating homes, powering businesses and serving as a key component in many of our most vital industrial processes. The State and the Provincial fact sheets highlight the key attributes of this clean and abundant fuel in NWGA member states. To learn more, click here.