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The Northwest Gas Association’s mission is to advance the safe, dependable and responsible use of natural gas as a cornerstone of the region’s energy, environmental and economic foundation. Its efforts foster greater understanding and informed decision-making among industry participants, opinion leaders, and governing officials in the Pacific Northwest on issues related to natural gas.

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Natural Gas Term of the Week: Biomethane

What it means: Biogas, produced through the anaerobic digestion of organic matter, that has been upgraded to purity levels making it interchangeable with natural gas.  Also referred to as “renewable natural gas”, biomethane can be sourced from all manner of decaying matter, from agricultural byproducts including cow manure to purified landfill gas.

See it in action: FortisBC and NW Natural are among the NWGA members getting involved with biomethane. Both have programs allowing utility customers to purchase some portion of their monthly natural gas usage as biomethane, reducing their carbon footprint.

For a slightly more in depth overview of FortisBC’s program carve 3 minutes out of your day and check out this video:

Natural Gas Terms of the Week are posted each Monday, check back weekly to boost your natural gas IQ, follow the NWGA on Twitter: @Ben_at_NWGA

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