NW Natural Launches “Energy Analyzer” to Help Customers Save Energy & Money

PORTLAND, Ore. — Northwest Natural Gas Company, dba NW Natural (NYSE:NWN), has created a new tool to help customers save energy and money.

The online Energy Analyzer is easy to use: customers simply go to the company website’s Energy Analyzer page, log in, and then begin answering questions about their energy use. Then they will receive a wide range of suggestions to improve the efficiency of their home based on how much time and skill they have for energy projects; how much money they care to invest; and how much energy they’d like to save. Options could include turning down the temperature on the water heater to upgrading a heating system and/or adding insulation.

There are dozens of steps in between to match time, budget and interests. Customers can choose how much sweat equity, skill and money they want to invest, as well as how much energy and money they want to save.

“We want to thank Energy Trust of Oregon for partnering with us to make this new tool possible,” said Cory Beck, NW Natural Communications & Internet Services manager. “Our customers are paying less for natural gas than they did 10 years ago. But they can save even more money and energy when they take steps to improve the efficiency of their home.”

The Energy Analyzer also helps customers compare the amount of energy they use to similar homes in the area. If they are using more than their neighbors, they can learn some easy ways to cut use and save money. Users can also sign up to receive ongoing emails to remind them to finish the energy-saving projects they’ve self-selected.

Customers who try out the Energy Analyzer between July 14 and September 5 will automatically be entered into a contest to win a tankless water heater. Visit nwnatural.com for complete contest rules.