The NWGA’s annual Natural Gas Outlook seeks to provide insight into the Northwest’s natural gas market by aggregating publicly available data from our member companies and other key energy stakeholders. Read on for links to some of the key sources.

Integrated Resource Plans:

At regular intervals, each of the NWGA’s member utilities files a plan with their regulatory authority detailing different resource acquisition and demand scenarios. These Integrated Resource Plans (IRPs) aim to minimize the overall costs of service while maintaining a very high level of reliability.

The key information in these plans, such as demand projections, regional system capacity and natural gas supply forms the basis for projections contained with the Natural Gas Outlook. Follow the links below to view each utility member’s most recent final IRP filing.

Avista Utilities

Cascade Natural Gas

FortisBC Energy

Intermountain Gas

NW Natural

Puget Sound Energy

Other Sources: A number of reports and studies help provide a broader view of the role of natural gas in the Northwest and in North America.

U.S. Energy Information Administration: Annual Energy Outlook

Canada National Energy Board: Annual Energy Outlook

Northwest Power & Conservation Council: Seventh Power Plan