Below is each section of the 2020 Gas Outlook. You may choose to download one section at a time, preview the Outlook here, or download full from the link below.

Overview and Executive Summary
Regional Economic Outlook
Natural Gas Supply
Renewable Natural Gas (RNG)
Commodity Prices
Regional Demand
Greenhouse Gas Emissions
Regional Capacity
Appendix A: Data Tables
Appendix B: Integrated Resources Plans Characteristics
Appendix C: Deficiency and Preferred Supply Resources
Appendix D: Proposed Regional Natural Gas Infrastructure Project Descriptions

Full 2020 Gas Outlook

In this study, we examine several dynamics affecting Pacific Northwest natural gas consumers. The Outlook relies primarily on external, publicly available resources for information on natural gas supply prospects and commodity prices. Regional demand and capacity data are drawn from NWGA member company planning processes, including the Integrated Resource Plan from each of our members that are required to file with utility commissions.