Monthly Webinars: NWGA arranges guest speakers each month to present topics of interest to the natural gas and energy industry. Webinars are regularly scheduled for the third Thursday of the month at Noon Pacific Time. Details for each webinar are emailed to registrants the morning of the webinar. 

NW Alliance Webinars: NWACT arranges guest speakers periodically to present topics of interest to the conversion to natural gas vehicles. These webinars do not occur on a regular basis and the details for participation are emailed to registrants the morning of the webinar.

December 2: CNG Engine Maintenace

Join us for Cummins and the NW Alliance for Clean Transportation to discuss CNG vehicle maintenance, best practices, and watchouts. Then we will evaluate opportunities for fleets to convert from Diesel to CNG or RNG. This webinar will be 1 -1/2 hours.


December 8: Diesel to RNG

Join the NW Alliance member Rogue Valley Transporation’s Tim D’Alessandro and Nick Black to learn about their journey from Diesel, first to CNG, and more recently, to RNG. On this December 8 webinar, they will discuss the challenges faced and decisions made throughout this process. They will also talk about financial and environmental benefits achieved through RVTD’s transition from Diesel to RNG. We will then invite folks who provide fuel, as well as build and operate fueling stations (e.g.: Fleet Saver, Trillium, and U.S. Gain), to comment on what they can do to support transit agencies as they contemplate a fuel switch from Diesel to CNG or RNG.