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Climate Action in the Northwest

Natural gas warms us when it’s chilly out. It quickly and efficiently heats water after a hot shower. Memories are made at backyard bar-b-ques over a gas grill with family and friends.

In addition to delivering warmth and comfort, natural gas helps us address critical issues like climate change. Northwest Gas Association members (NWGA) are committed to addressing climate change and maintain that natural gas is a climate solution.

Keeping warm and safe in the Pacific Northwest

Last year at this time, the Pacific Northwest was experiencing its coldest winter in 24 years; this year the East coast is experiencing the cold “bomb cyclone.” Luckily, we can observe from our warm, safe homes. Safety is the top priority of your natural gas company, and like the tango, it takes a partner to be safe. You are our safety partner.

What’s going on with natural gas research and technology development?

The Department of Energy is committing $30 million to the research and development of domestic unconventional oil and gas, both onshore and offshore resources. DOE has selected six projects they believe will improve processes in resource development while advancing technology and engineering practices. Objectives of the research include minimizing environmental impact and risk while building […]

Natural Gas Transportation

NGTs are much cleaner emissions profiles than diesel vehicles and the technology already exists to deploy them now to help reduce harmful emissions from the heavy-duty vehicles.

2017 Gas Outlook

Natural gas has been a boon for consumer’s pocketbooks, the environment, and our Pacific Northwest lifestyle. It warms us when it’s chilly out and reheats water after a hot shower. Natural gas
has earned the superlative, “Now we’re cooking with gas!!” It is an efficient, clean, abundant and affordable energy resource. Innovative practices and technology enhancements have unlocked vast reserves of North American natural gas and oil that were previously inaccessible. Scarce and costly just 10 years ago, natural gas is now abundant and inexpensive. Plentiful, inexpensive natural gas has saved Northwest consumers hundreds of millions of dollars over the last decade.

Natural gas is used to manufacture thousands of products that we rely on every day. Thanks
to natural gas, the Seahawks have cleats, kids have crayons, farmers have fertilizer, and we have cell phones, computers…even kayaks and other equipment to enjoy our spectacular natural environment.

In addition, natural gas is growing in importance as a fuel for generating electricity since it is a low-cost option and cleaner than coal. Renewable wind and solar energy rely on natural gas generation because it’s a reliable, on-demand resource that’s available when it isn’t windy or the sun isn’t shining.

The Power of Waste: Renewable Natural Gas (RNG) for Oregon

September 6, 2017 A one day workshop on renewable natural gas (RNG) and the important role as an energy and fuel resource that can help Oregon meet climate goals and economic opportunities, hosted by Energy Vision and NW Natural. Learn about: Closing the loop on emissions and organic waste Cleaning up fuels and fleets with […]