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November 15: 2018 NWGA Outlook Update

Dan Kirschner, NWGA Executive Director, will present the updates to the 2018 Outlook Study on the November 15 webinar.

The Outlook relies primarily on external, publicly available resources for information on natural gas supply prospects and commodity prices. Regional demand and capacity data are drawn from NWGA member company planning processes, including the Integrated Resource Plan that our members are required to file with utility commissions.

October 18 Webinar: Natural Gas for Transporation

The October webinar focuses on natural gas for transportation.  Transportation is a leading source of climate change and air quality pollutants. Introducing cleaner medium and heavy-duty vehicles to the transportation sector offers the best path towards a cleaner future. Natural gas vehicles, especially those powered by renewable natural gas, is ready to step up and usher us into that future.

Natural Gas Fleets 101

Natural gas vehicles are cleaner than alternatives, the Cummins Westport Ultra-Low NOx engine is 90 percent cleaner than the latest engines available for diesel. Beating out electric motors based on the full-fuel-cycle. NGVs reduce greenhouse emissions and reduce the NOx when replacing old diesel vehicles. Join us to learn the facts about natural gas fleets.

2018 Annual Energy Conference – Post Conference

June 6, 2018 Dinner Keynote: Yoram Bauman Ph.D., Stand-up Economist June 7, 2018 – Attendees List Natural Gas Market Fundamentals Josh McCall, Fundamental Analytic Director, BP Hot Topics: Cyber Security and Federal Update Mona Tandon and Gwen Keys Flemming, Van Ness Feldman, LLP Regional Economic Outlook Grant Forsyth, Ph.D., Chief Economist, Avista Corporation Real World Impacts of Decarbonization Dorothy Rothrock, […]

Welcome Northwest Alliance for Clean Transportation

The NW Alliance for Clean Transportation became official with its launch on Tuesday, April 17. The Alliance, which is supported by the Northwest Gas Association, is an advocacy group that aims to bring more awareness to the role that natural gas vehicles have in a clean energy future.