Avista Offers Bill Assistance Tools for Customers

Winter has landed in the northwest and with it comes cold temperatures. The bitter temperatures alone can cause rising energy use and costs, but combined with the holiday season bringing visiting friends and family, more showers, cooking and other energy using activities, customers can expect to see higher utility bills in December and January. Knowing this, Avista wants to remind customers of the bill assistance tools available to help them.

“The most important step customers can take is to contact Avista as soon as they have a concern about paying their energy bill. That way, we can work together on options to help them through the challenging time,” said Mike Broemeling, Avista’s director of customer service.

Avista offers customers a variety of payment options, including:

·         Comfort-level billing that can smooth out seasonal highs and lows by dividing an energy bill into 12 equal and predictable payments for qualifying customers.

·         Online statement and payments so customers can conveniently make payments electronically.

·         Energy assistance programs that may provide help to customers in need.

Energy assistance and Project Share grants can help qualifying customers, along with Avista’s CARES program and our partnership with local community action agencies for weatherization, heating system improvements and financial assistance.

Customers can monitor their energy use through online energy management tools, such as the Bill Analyzer or Home Energy Advisor. Avista also offers a number of energy efficiency programs and rebates to help customers save energy and operate their homes and businesses more efficiently.

For more information on all of Avista’s bill assistance tools and energy assistance options including eligibility and guidelines, visit www.avistautilities.com/assistance or call (800) 227-9187.


NW Natural Reaches 700,000 Total Customer Milestone

PORTLAND, Ore. – Northwest Natural Gas Company, dba NW Natural (NYSE:NWN), announced today that it’s now serving 700,000 customers throughout Oregon and Southwest Washington.

NW Natural first brought gas to this region 155 years ago to light gas lamps on Portland city streets and in homes and businesses. Today, natural gas is an abundant and efficient energy source for residential and commercial space heating, water heating and cooking. And it plays an important role in manufacturing and transportation.

“We thank our customers for giving us the opportunity to serve their energy needs with safe, reliable and affordable natural gas,” said Gregg Kantor, NW Natural President and CEO. “We grew up here, and we look forward to continuing to grow with the region.”

Here’s a look back at customer milestones leading up to 700,000:  

* In 1961, just five years after natural gas arrived in the Pacific Northwest, we reached 100,000 customers.

* In 1973, we reached 200,000 customers as we headed toward completing our new headquarters in 1979.

* In 1989, a Vancouver, Wash., family became our 300,000th customer.

* In 2000, NW Natural helped Portland Public Schools convert its first school to natural gas and celebrated 500,000 customers with a party in Pioneer Courthouse Square.

* In 2005, we brought natural gas to Coos Bay with our 600,000th customer.

Visit https://www.nwnatural.com/uploadedFiles/We_Grew_Up_Here.pdf for a more complete look at NW Natural’s company history.

Over the next seven days, NW Natural will celebrate reaching 700,000 customers by tweeting a daily customer milestone using the hashtag #Celebrating700KCustomers. Twitter users who retweet the milestones will be entered into a daily drawing for a gift card.

First Freeze a Good Reminder to Think About Efficiency at Home Says NW Natural

PORTLAND, Ore. – As temperatures dip below freezing for the first time this season, NW Natural (NYSE:NWN) reminds customers of ways they can save even more on their home heating bills.

“Our customers already save more than 60 percent on their energy bills by choosing to heat their homes with natural gas instead of using an oil or electric furnace,” said Dawn Johnson, NW Natural public information officer. “They can shrink energy costs even further with energy-efficiency improvements.”

Here are five steps customers can take towards big savings:

1. Have natural gas appliances and vents inspected by a qualified, licensed contractor annually

2. Clean furnace filters at least four times during the heating season

3. Turn down the thermostat when away from home to trim heating costs 3 percent for every degree drop

4. Seal air leaks and add insulation to save up to 20 percent on heating costs

5. Consider upgrading to high-efficiency windows to reduce heating costs up to 15 percent.

For help customizing and managing home energy-saving efforts, customers can log into NW Natural’s online Energy Analyzer at https://www.nwnatural.com/Residential/SaveEnergyAndMoney/EnergyAnalyzerTool. The tool makes it possible to plan efficiency projects based on how much time and money they want to invest and to track actual savings online. NW Natural also connects customers with programs to offset the cost of energy-saving improvements. For details, visit https://www.nwnatural.com/Residential/SaveEnergyAndMoney.

Smell. Go. Let us know.

Remember, if you smell rotten eggs, it may be a gas leak. Leave the area on foot then call the NW Natural emergency number at 800.882.3377.