Northwest Gas Association’s 2014 Natural Gas Outlook Highlights Potential for Increased Regional Demand

PORTLAND, OR – This week the Northwest Gas Association (NWGA) released the 2014 edition of the annual Natural Gas Outlook Study, a regional look at natural gas supply, demand and infrastructure in the Pacific Northwest.

Released annually, the Gas Outlook provides a detailed ten-year overview of expected natural gas demand, supply availability, infrastructure development and prices in the Northwest. The Outlook offers unique insight, representing a consensus view of the regional natural gas market developed by industry participants directly serving Washington, Oregon, Idaho and British Columbia.

“The Natural Gas Outlook serves as an important point of reference for energy stakeholders in the Pacific Northwest,” said Ed Brewer, NWGA Board President and Vice President and General Manager of Williams Northwest Pipeline. “These stakeholders are navigating decisions concerning abundant North American natural gas supply options, existing and potential new markets and the infrastructure needed to bring the supply and demand together,” he added.

The 2014 release continues the trend of regional growth in natural gas demand, projecting an annual growth rate of 1.5%, up from 1.2% last year. Two scenarios, discussing the potential for accelerated growth in the power generation and industrial sectors, are new in this year’s report. Looming coal plant retirements and manufacturers seeking access to affordable North American gas supply led to these additions as a means of analyzing potential large changes in demand that do not show up in the regular Outlook data set.

“The 2014 Outlook demonstrates that our region remains in a period of steady growth in demand for natural gas,” said Dan Kirschner, NWGA Executive Director. “However, a number of indicators point toward the potential for significant expansion in the coming years, particularly for industrial uses, as a fuel for generating electricity and for export. Historically, our study hasn’t addressed prospective market developments until they’re reflected in the resource plans of regional utilities. However, the potential for increased natural gas loads due to the need to replace existing coal-fired generation and new opportunities in the industrial sector led to the inclusion of these developments as alternative scenarios in our analysis.”

The 2014 Outlook continues to indicate a potential need for new or expanded natural gas delivery infrastructure by the end of the decade. While the current delivery system operates efficiently and reliably, the study notes: “Industrial and generation demand above the expected case will amplify and accelerate the need for incremental capacity.”

The full 2014 Natural Gas Outlook Study is available to view or download at:


ABOUT THE NORTHWEST GAS ASSOCIATION: The NWGA works to foster understanding among opinion leaders and informed decision- making by governing officials on issues related to natural gas in the Pacific Northwest. Its members include six natural gas utilities serving communities throughout Idaho, Oregon, Washington and British Columbia, and three transmission pipelines that transport natural gas from supply basins into and through the region.

Former FERC Chair, Jon Wellinghoff, headlines Annual Energy Conference Agenda

We’re excited to bring former Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) Chairman, Jon Wellinghoff, to the 2014 Annual Energy Conference as our lunchtime keynote speaker on June 5.

As a FERC Commissioner from 2006-2009 and Commision Chair from 2009-2013, Mr. Wellinghoff brings a host of experiences and anecdotes to the podium. He’s also one of the rare Annual Energy Conference speakers to have his own Wikipedia page.

Mr. Wellinghoff will address the group on new technologies seeking to enhance the efficient use of natural gas at both the producer and consumer levels. A hot topic as we seek out opportunities to utilize a still growing supply of natural gas produced right here in North America.

Don’t miss this keynote and other agenda highlights, book your spot at the Annual Energy Conference today! In addition to Mr. Wellinghoff we already have a number of other great speakers confirmed, including:

  • Economic Outlook, Grant Forsyth, Chief Economist, Avista Corp.
  • Natural Gas Market Fundamentals, Josh McCall, Fundamentals Advisor, BP
  • Policy & Politics of Supply, Sarah Landry, Director of Operations & Programs, Colorado Oil & Gas Association (COGA)

As always, there will be plenty of time to network before the conference, golf is back by popular demand along with nature hike or brewery tour options. Networking space is limited, so don’t hesitate, reserve your place at the conference today!