Natural Gas Infrastructure Looking Forward

Click Here To Download Our White-paper: “The Northwest Gas Landscape – Looking Forward” The Northwest depends on natural gas for producing electricity, heating homes and businesses, and powering industrial processes.  Unlike some fuels, gas is difficult to store on-site.  Both electric and natural gas utilities rely on the gas infrastructure system, a combination of pipelines and […]

Understanding Natural Gas & Power Convergence

The Pacific Northwest is becoming more reliant on natural gas as a key generation fuel. The region’s nearly 8,000 MW fleet of intermittent wind turbines require fast ramping, natural gas, peaking units to ensure a steady supply of power when winds die down.  And as emissions from coal-fired power plants have come under increasing public […]

Natural Gas Vehicles

{Click Here to Read our 2013 White Paper “Natural Gas Vehicles: Seizing the Opportunity”} Natural gas vehicles (NGVs) are a significant untapped opportunity for vehicle operators seeking to lower costs, reduce emissions and play a role in North American energy independence. Utilizing a fuel that is widely available and reliably used by millions of consumers […]