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  • NWGA Gets a Mention in the Medford Mail Tribune

    Tuesday November 19, 2013 by Ben

    NWGA Executive Director, Dan Kirschner, was on the road in Medford, OR yesterday talking natural gas at the Medford/Jackson County Chamber of Commerce.  Dan, along with Steve Harper, Director of Gas Supply for Avista, spoke on what Southern Oregon consumers … read more

    Gassy Commuting in Portland

    Tuesday November 5, 2013 by Ben

    Is natural gas starting to find its way onto our roads as a vehicle fuel? There continue to be numerous reports that say the answer is yes but I hadn’t seen much in my neck of the woods…until last week.… read more

    Natural Gas Term of the Week: City Gate

    Monday November 4, 2013 by Ben

    What it means: A point or measuring station at which a gas distribution company receives gas from a pipeline company or transmission system.

    See it in action: The city gate serves an important role in the natural gas distribution network, … read more

    Natural Gas Term of the Week: Sweet vs. Sour Gas

    Monday October 14, 2013 by Ben

    What it means: Refers to the quality of natural gas upon its extraction. Sweet Gas in its natural state be used with little purifying. Sour Gas contains enough sulfur in its natural state to make it impractical to use without … read more

    Natural Gas Term of the Week: Direct Connect Customers

    Monday October 7, 2013 by Ben

    What it means: Usually very large industrial customers connected directly to an interstate pipeline system. These customers purchase their own gas supplies and contract directly from the pipeline for transportation, thereby bypassing the bundled services typically offered by local distribution … read more

    How are NWGA Members Spreading the Word About Natural Gas?

    Friday September 6, 2013 by Ben

    We’re bombarded with a staggering amount of information every day, so what’s a natural gas utility to do in order to get their message out? NWGA members are producing some eye (or nose?) catching material to let customers know about … read more

    Avista’s Oregon Customers to see Rate Reduction

    Friday August 30, 2013 by Ben

    Avista Utilities customers in Oregon are poised to receive a nice reduction in their natural gas rates if the Oregon Public Utility Commission signs off on a filing made yesterday. Reduced pipeline transport costs are behind the lower prices which … read more

    Natural Gas Term of the Week: Marine Fuel

    Monday August 5, 2013 by Ben

    What it Means:Refers to the heavy oil used to power large oceangoing vessels such as ferries and freight tankers; also referred to as bunker fuel.

    See it in Action:What does marine fuel have to do with natural gas? Plenty!

    As … read more

    NW Natural Unveils a New Commercial

    Friday July 19, 2013 by Ben

    This week NWGA Member NW Natural, in association with Magneto Advertising, unveiled their latest commercial. The latest in their “Efficient, Affordable, Blue” series you can check out the ad below and feel free to let us know what you … read more

    The World’s Fastest Ferry? Fueled by natgas!

    Friday June 28, 2013 by Ben

    Check out the video below to see the world’s fastest ferry in action. Fueled by liquefied natural gas (LNG) this catamaran will soon be making 67 mph runs between Buenos Aires, Argentina and Montevideo, Uruguay.

    As someone that geeks out … read more